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I’ve created Handwritten to help facilitate thoughtful and intentional communication that can transcend personal and professional relationships.


I’m a nurturer. For as long as I can recall, I’ve always assumed the role of taking care of people around me. As a mom to two little ones under the age of 4, I can’t think of anything more important than raising and nurturing socially conscious children and raising and nurturing social consciousness around me through kindness, communication and connection.

I worked in corporate social responsibility for over a decade and great teams as well as great communities are built on trust and the strength of interpersonal relationships. It is amazing to see the lengths people will go to help each other succeed when there is trust and care. And it all starts with clear communication and finding time to connect!

Please take your time on the site. I hope that you find something here to help you convey your thoughts. If you’d like more support, schedule a time for us to talk at your convenience. I'm thrilled we've connected and I look forward to supporting you.





About Me

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